POF Range

POF Range

**As of 2024 JAN POF Range is closed until further notice.**

Range priority will go to scheduled Military Operations and other government activities when required.

Range Requirements

  • Valid DoD ID/CaC Card
  • Certificate of Competency, AF Form 483 (Issued at the completion of the Safety Training) VALID FOR ONE YEAR
  • Register all firearms at the Base Defense Operations Center, Bldg 648 Washington Blvd., FEVA
  • Sign the Safety/Range Rules and Hold Harmless Agreement
  • Purchase a POF Range Permit from the Outdoor Recreation, 828 Kells Drive, FEVA

*As of 01 JANUARY 2023 the price for the range will be $75.00 a year


  • All patrons will sign in with the Range Safety Officer (RSO) and sign in any guest. –A guest is defined as;
  • A person that does not have base access, i.e., civilian
  • A spouse and/or child age 17 and younger of an authorized patron. If the spouse chooses to fire without his/her sponsor they must acknowledge/sign the Range Safety Brief and obtain a Range Permit
  • Must present AF IMT 483, Certificate of Competency, POF Range Permit, types of firearms to be fired and number of rounds to be fired.

Authorized Firearms

  • Pistols firing soft point, hollow point, and standard ball, up to and including .45 caliber are authorized.
  • Muzzle loaders firing ball and sabot rounds up to and including .58 and using a maximum of 150 grains of black powder propellant are authorized.
  • Shotguns are slug only –no birdshot.
  • Rifle firers are permitted to fire. 22 and .223 (5.56) caliber only. Long, rimfire, standard velocity and match ammunition are allowed for .22 caliber. Ball ammunition only for .223 (5.56)

General Information

  • All eligible persons will be required to sign a Liability Statement and a Waiver and Hold Harness Agreement.
  • Safety cards are valid for one year from date of issue.
  • Periodic check fires will be announced for target viewing/replacement.
  • POV’s are allowed in designated parking areas only.
  • In case of emergency dial 9-1-1. Give name, location, nature of injury, and # of persons involved. Leave all firearms and equipment in place. Remain on the scene. Depart only when allowed by Security Forces.
  • All patrons are required to wear ballistic eye protection and ear protection.
  • All weapons are cleared prior to personnel moving to target area.
  • All patrons are responsible for cleaning up their brass and/or expended shells and removing all trash when they have finished firing.
  • In accordance with JBLE policy, personnel transporting weapons to and from the range are not authorized to make convenience stops, i.e. work or AAFES establishments.

Range Safety

  • Treat all weapons as loaded
  • Never point a weapon at anything your not willing to shoot
  • Keep your weapon on “SAFE” until you are ready to fire.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until your sight is on are you are to shoot.
  • Authorized persons must bring their own paper targets. The following targets are not authorized for use on the range; plastic bottles, aluminum cans, metal targets and glass targets.
  • All minors 17 years or younger must be accompanied by an adult. While the minor is firing or handling a firearm, the parent or guardian must remain within the immediate area and are not permitted to fire or handle another firearm.
  • Any patron observing an unsafe act must call for a cease fire.
  • The range must be cleaned prior to leaving. Before leaving the range, all shooters must pick up their spent casings and remove targets from the target stands. For safety reasons, there are no trash can on the range – you must take your trash with you.
  • No smoking on the firing line.
  • All weapons are properly cleared prior to permitting patrons down range.
  • Firearms must be unloaded with the breech or action open when on the range, not firing, and while persons are down range.
  • Firearms will remain cased at all times when not on the firing line.
  • Do not handle firearms while people are down range.
  • No profane or abusive language.
  • Shoes and shirts must be won at all times.
  • Shoot at approved paper targets only.
  • Shooters needing to go down range will notify the RSO. RSO will cease firing on the range. Once RSO acknowledges that the range is clear, firers may then go down range.
  • Do not go down range unless agreed upon by members of the firing line and the RSO has verified that firearms are safe and cleared. This will be evident when all firearms have been cleared and place on the ground.
  • Adequate hearing and eye protection are being used at all times.
  • No running or horseplay on or around the firing line.
  • No weapons are being handled while patrons are down range.
  • No personnel or wildlife are down range.
  • Once all shooters have returned to the firing line, the RSO ensures the range is clear and lifts the cease fire by calling “range is clear”.
  • Shoot only from the firing line and respect the rights of others.
  • Collect personal brass and clean around your area after finishing our shooting session. Brass can be place in the container labeled “BRASS” located at the entrance to the tower.
  • Firearms must be pointed down range at all times and /or in a safe direction.
  • Do not point any firearm at any person whether the firearm is loaded or unloaded.
  • Know how your firearm operates.
  • Ensure your firearm and ammunition is compatible.
  • All patrons that use the range are designated as spotters and responsible for the safe operation of the range and will ensure the following:
  • No firing is conducted when visibility requirements for Controlled Firing Area cannot be met.
  • Down range weapon effects are observed to ensure projectiles land within the prescribed range limits.
  • The proper targets are set up and down range.
  • Announce periodic check fires to permit patrons the opportunity to check targets.