Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a mandatory enrollment program. EFMP works with other military and civilian agencies to provide comprehensive and coordinated medical, educational, housing, community support and personnel services to Families with special needs. Regulatory Guidance for EFMP is AR 608-75.

Exceptional Family Member

An Exceptional Family Member (EFM) is a Family member (child or adult) with any physical, emotional, developmental or intellectual disorder that requires special treatment, therapy, education, training or counseling

Three Components

Soldier and Family Support: Information and referral, workshops, recreational events, family needs assessments, family service plan, respite care and non-medical case management

Medical: Enrollments, updates, overseas screenings, EFMP summary report.

Human Resources/Military Personnel Branch: Assignment coordination

Who Should Enroll?

  • U.S. Army Active Duty Soldiers.
  • U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) Soldiers in the Active Guard Reserve (AGR) program and other USAR Soldiers on active duty more than 30 days.
  • U.S. Army National Guard (AGR) Soldiers serving under authority of Title 10, U.S. Code and Title 32, U.S. Code

How to enroll?

The Soldier must contact the nearest Army medical treatment facility EFMP point of contact to begin the assessment process and obtain the enrollment forms. Once these forms are completed, they are forwarded to the appropriate regional medical center for coding and entry into the program.

Personnel agencies then have access to EFMP status. The Sponsor is responsible for enrolling a Family member and updating the enrollment at least every 3-years or if changes in diagnosis or condition occurs; and/or to dis-enroll.

EFMP enrollment does not adversely affect a Soldier’s selection for promotions, schools or assignments. Information about enrollment in EFMP is not given to selection boards

How to enroll at Fort Eustis?

Contact the EFMP Office at the Pediatric Lion Clinic at McDonald Army Health Care Center 757.314.7611 or 757.314.7607 to initiate the enrollment process.

The EFMP Case Coordinator will assist you in obtaining the necessary evaluations to determine diagnosis and treatment needs and completing necessary forms DD Form 2792 and DD Form 2792-1. If enrollment is warranted, the forms are forwarded to the appropriate regional medical command for coding.

Conditions that require enrollment?

Any condition that requires a physical, emotional, developmental or intellectual disorder, special treatment, therapy, education, training or counseling. Conditions such as:

  • Asthma autism bipolar
  • Cancer cerebral palsy depression
  • Epilepsy fibromyalgia multiple sclerosis
  • Sickle cell disease special education services – individualized education program (IEP) early
  • Intervention services – individualized family service program (IFSP).


Enrollment allows assignment managers at Army personnel agencies to consider the documented medical and special education needs of exceptional Family members in the assignment process. When possible, Soldiers are assigned to an area where the medical and special education needs of their exceptional Family member can be met. This will depend upon a valid personnel requirement for the Soldier’s grade, specialty and eligibility for the tour. Soldiers who are enrolled in EFMP are still subject to worldwide assignments, and like any other Soldier, may be called upon to serve an unaccompanied tour.