Mobilization & Deployment

The Mobilization & Deployment Readiness Program provides trainings, workshops, activities, and resources designed to assist Soldiers at all levels and their Family members in successfully managing the challenges of mobilization and deployment. The workshops, trainings and briefings below serve to enhance mission preparedness and self-reliance throughout each phase of the deployment cycle.


  • Providing Soldier and Spouse Pre-Deployment and Reintegration (Reunion) briefings
  • Hosting social events for deployed families
  • Offering Readiness resources, materials and individual support for members experiencing deployment

Training Opportunities:

  • Soldier & Family Readiness Group (SFRG) Training
    • Command Team Training
    • Command Family Readiness Representative (CFRR) Training
    • Funds Custodian Training
    • Key Contact Training
    • SFRG Resources
  • SFRG Activities: SFRG Social and SFRG Forum
  • Casualty Assistance Response (CARE) Team Training

Pre-deployment, Reintegration and SFRG trainings can also be scheduled as outreach – please contact the ACS to coordinate your briefing on a date, time, and location most convenient for your organization.

Army Reservists & National Guard and Families stationed at Fort Eustis on active duty are always welcome to make use of ACS services.