Newcomer’s Orientation

Welcome to Joint Base Langley Eustis – Fort Eustis. Please download the Virtual Newcomer’s Orientation and review the information on this page. Complete the Accountability Form and Knowledge Check located at the bottom of this page (the first two yellow bars). Submit both forms to complete the in-processing requirement. Please allow 24 hours for your forms to be processed. You will receive an email from the ACS staff confirming completion and clearance. If you do not receive this email, call ACS at 757.878.3638. There is no certificate or signature required.

If you have problems downloading the PowerPoint Presentation or completing the forms, please contact ACS at 757.878.3638.

Virtual Newcomer’s Orientation

Resources & Forms

After reviewing, you will complete the following two items: Knowledge Check (1) and Accountability Form (2)

EFMP-Family Support

If you are enrolled in EFMP please complete the query sheet below and lets us know what family support services your family needs and what concerns you have. We are here to help!

Things to consider:
Education: Early Intervention, Special Education
Medical concerns: PCM care, Referrals, Case Management
Resources: Support Groups, Social Security, Medicaid Waivers
Recreational Activities
Respite Care
Other support: Housing, child/Youth Activities, School Liaison

Download and submit the Query sheet to

MANDATORY JBLE-Eustis Environmental Training (Registration via TEACH)

JBLE-Eustis Environmental Management Awareness and Competency (EMAC) Training

EMAC Training is required by ALL military, civilian, tenants and contract personnel working on JBLE-Eustis. Completion of EMAC Training is required within the first 30 days of assignment and annually thereafter.

The 733d Civil Engineer Squadron – Environmental Element (733 CES/CEIE) provides online EMAC training (to include base-specific EMS General Awareness) to personnel through The Environmental Awareness Course Hub (TEACH).

Download the attached instructions for registering through TEACH.

Instructions for registering through TEACH are can also be found in JBLE-Eustis’ Environmental Procedure (EMP) 4.4.2. Environmental Awareness and Competency Training located on the CES/CEIE website or personnel may contact CES/CEIE’s Training Manager at 757.878.7366.

Educational & Family Resources

Newcomer’s Knowledge Check (Required)

Newcomer’s Accountability Form (Required)