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128th Avn BDE School House, Mcmahon St, Fort Eustis, VA 23604
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  • Units/Organizations/Families wanting to participate will be responsible to register on-line at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/714545574047, by Monday, 23 October 2023. (If you have trouble registering, contact one of the POC’s below.)
  • There will be a trunk decorating contest.
  • Winners will be determined by judges based on established criteria.
  • Event geared toward children ages 2-12 years of age. 2500+ guests are expected.
  • All costumes/trunk designs must not exceed “Rated PG-13”. Theme and content should be appropriate for children under the age of 13. Meaning nothing too scary.
  • Incorporate Unit/Organization name into your trunk design.
  • There will be in-person briefings at ACS Bldg. 650 on 24 Oct at 1500 & 26 October at 1300 to provide information on procedures for the event. You only need to attend one meeting. An email will be sent to the Unit/Organization/Family primary and alternate POCs once the registration form has been submitted on-line.
  • Parking spots at the 128th AVN BDE will be open starting at 1500 on 27 October to allow participants to decorate their trunks. All trunks must be in place by 1700, and be ready to receive children by 1730. Judging will occur between 1800-1900. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be announced at 1930. Trunk spots will be marked, and maps will be available.
  • A coordinator will direct participants to their spot after check in.
  • The parking lot will be blocked off to vehicular traffic at 1500, and will not reopen until after the event ends at 2030. Vehicles must be parked for the duration of event for the safety of the Trunk or Treaters. No trunks should leave prior to 2030.
  • Prior to leaving, please ensure the area around your trunk is cleared of all trash.
  • Personnel desiring to volunteer that evening can contact Ms. Sharon Rector at sharon.rector.1@us.af.mil.
  • No Trunks will be admitted into the parking lot after 1700.

Let’s get ready to dress up and have fun!!
If you have questions about this event, please emai Ms. Liezel Bambao
or Ms. Nina Simore Lee at 733MSG.FSG.EustisACS@us.af.mil
or by calling ACS at 757-878-3638.

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